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Scope of Service


The MNHD has held over 14 health promotion and healthcare exchange events, benefiting over 2,300 people.

  • Working women's gastrointestinal health survey and press conference

  • Various online seminars for healthcare personnel

  • “Men-B Bye Bye” Meningitis B Prevention Campaign

  • Influenza vaccination program (Mobile Van, at Nang Yan College of Higher Education)

  • “Family + Warmth” Chinese New Year family photo shooting charity event

  • Charity program for cancer survivors

  • Educational seminar for healthcare personnel: Causes, treatment and prevention of Herpes Zoster (Shingles)


In the future, using our extensive expertise and experience, we will continue to serve as a bridge between the healthcare sector and patients. Meanwhile, we will pursue more events to promote a culture of health, work to enhance the quality of the healthcare sector to further benefit community health, and invest more time to care for society and serve the public.

  • Health and medical seminars

  • Health surveys and new releases

  • Community health activities

  • Focus groups

  • Seminars

  • Academic exchange activities

  • Educational publications

  • Volunteer activities

  • Promote the development of preventive medicine

  • Promote interprofessional healthcare cooperation

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