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From the President


“As medicine and technology advanced, we began to see many health issues that required interdisciplinary effort. Thanks to the dedication of healthcare professionals, and although the pandemic is not yet over, it is presently under control. The Medical, Nursing and Healthcare Development (MNHD) was established for this very reason. It is providing a communication platform for healthcare personnel to jointly explore new medical development and policies while enhancing the dissemination of information for new technologies. The MNHD currently organizes seminars, workshops, forums and meetings, and professional courses to help strengthen research and improve the capabilities of health workers. By doing this, the quality of health care services in Hong Kong remains high and more adaptive to the needs of the times. In the future, the MNHD will work side by side with its neighboring communities to fully prepare itself for new diseases. We look forward to exchanging views with you at MNHD events. Thank you for your support.”

President, Professor Wang Guo-Cheng


Registered Nurse, Doctor of Philosophy, Justice of the Peace

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