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Founding Purpose


We are a charitable organization registered under Section 88 of the Inland Revenue Ordinance (91/17783). Aiming to bring together healthcare professionals who are dedicated to social services. Through their professionalism and experience, we can enhance the quality of the healthcare sector and further promote community health and care for society.


At MNHD, we are committed to promoting the development of preventive medicine through educational publications, health and medical seminars, surveys and press releases. We continually reinforce the health knowledge of the public via focus groups, research and patient support teams and place emphasis on prevention over treatment. By receiving regular health examinations and adopting a healthy lifestyle, we can prevent personal health issues, while improving the health level of the community.


We encourage and facilitate interprofessional healthcare collaboration. As supporting medical personnel is one of our main priorities, we work to combine different healthcare professionals to promote interprofessional exchange and cooperation. This is done primarily with respect to patient care, physical and mental health, diagnosis, treatment, medication guidance, and rehabilitation.


In addition to education and health promotion work, we also promote care in the community by organizing volunteer groups who provide nursing, donate supplies, and provide support to different community organizations.

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